Refrigerant Buy-Back


Certified Refrigerant Services is EPA Certified and will buy your used or recovered refrigerant. Our program is a simple and convenient program designed to turn your recovered refrigerants into a valuable revenue for you.

Step 1: 1-2 days before your route day, Certified Refrigerant Services will send an email requesting the number of tanks you wish to swap.

Step: 2: On your regular route day, we will pick up your used R-22 in recovery cylinders and deliver an equal number of empty recovery cylinders.

Step 3: Our staff will empty your cylinders, test the contents for purity and weight, and reclaim the used gas. We use a 10% loss factor for oil & non-condensables.

Step 4: Certified Refrigerant Services will purchase your R-22, please contact us for current pricing.

Step 5: You will receive, in the mail, a detailed report of the gas purchased and a “Purchase Order” for your purchased gas. A check for the purchased gas will be mailed in 7-10 business days.

Feel free to contact us today for more information.


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